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Connect IT™ 

Connect IT provides customers with a connectivity solution for internet and private circuits to meet stringent requirements. Working in conjunction with several key partners, we have designed a portfolio offering a best-of- breed product set. In close collaboration with our IT associates, we will ensure proper bandwidth provisioning, SLA uptimes, and multi-tiered redundancy. 

Connectivity Solution | Connect IT

Online Portal

Experience end-to-end visibility of your network environment with an easy to use online portal, available with our connectivity solution. Use our monitoring portal to access uptimes, performance and bandwidth usage. Utilize this information to plan your network for peak performance to ensure a better optimal experience for your users and customers.

Connectivity Solution | Connect IT

Redundant Bandwidth

Your connectivity and bandwidth demands will be assured through a proprietary portfolio of internet and private circuits. Redundant internet pathways ensure that our customer connections are available 99.9% of the time.
Connectivity Solution | Connect IT

Bulk Discounts

A close working relationship with our partners has permitted us to negotiate bulk discounts to ensure that they are receiving optimal performance and value for their IT dollars. Using an array of technology delivery platforms, we can select a best of breed delivery method based on your network infrastructure requirements.
Connectivity Solution | Connect IT

Fixed Monthly Cost

Receive full design, implementation and management services of our Internet connectivity solution for a fixed monthly rate. Our connectivity solution can be easily integrated into your infrastructure to provide complete flexibility and redundancy.

Additional Benefits of Connect IT

Learn more about the added features and optional add-ons available for our internet connectivity solution.


Monitored Bandwidth

Determine usage, contention and the amount of bandwidth that would work best for your organization’s requirements.


With our Secure IT SD-WAN offering, receive private LAN services over secure internet connections.

Wireless 3G Backup

This optional service provides clients with the ability to access internet usage on their phone in case of emergency.

Single Point of Contact

Multiple vendors through our strong partnerships available with our connectivity solution.


24/7 Management

Full circuit management and resolution                           is available 24/7.                                                                                       

Secure VPN

Extend your network connectivity to   remote areas while staying protected.                                       

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