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Monitor IT™ 

Monitor IT is a robust IT monitoring service that provides real time reporting on your IT infrastructure and systems. The solution helps ensure your infrastructure uptime availability and performance. Receive real-time data, alerts and information you need to make the right business decisions.

IT Monitoring Service | Jolera

24/7/365 IT Monitoring Service

We will constantly poll your environment for any possible signs of failure or performance degradation. Alerts are created depending on the key thresholds and policies set by our managed services group. These alerts highlight any possible issues and automatically convert them into tickets for further investigation and resolution.
IT Monitoring Service | Jolera

Utilization and Inventory Reporting

Gain information on real-time performance metrics, service availability, key security vulnerabilities and useful inventory reporting. Accessing this information will help you keep track of threshold alerts and ensure capacity and availability. This IT monitoring service will report global peak utilization and associated capacity demands.

IT Monitoring Service | Jolera

Full Escalation Management

We will fully escalate any outage to key personnel. We use incident escalation best practices (ITIL escalation management framework) and will cooperate with your organization to build a feasible plan for managing and communicating any potential risks and service unavailability.
IT Monitoring Service | Jolera

Fixed Monthly Cost

The pricing structure is based on a fixed monthly rate for all devices under the portfolio. Also included within the monthly pricing is escalation management and ticket tracking of issues. Pricing is elastic, which allows you to add or remove devices.

Additional Benefits of Monitor IT

Receive these added features with our robust IT monitoring service.

Policy Modules

Applying the right policy modules will ensure that specific event IDs and requests are made for those components and are reported.

Simple Integration

This IT monitoring service is a great compliment to an existing team. Easily integrate it into any ticket management service for a reactive and information based solution.

Detailed Scanning

Get secure, comprehensive scans of your environments and gather all relevant information you would need to maintain your IT assets.

Analyze Devices

Analyze anything with an IP address including: desktops, laptops, servers, managed switches, routers, firewalls, etc.

Easily Find Information

Information about all devices within your IT infrastructure in one, easy to view, centralized location.

Optimized Infrastructure

SLA enforced to ensure service availability is provided at an annual average of 99.9%.

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