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Secure IT ® Security Baseline Assessment (SBA)​

Threat actors can breach your network through multiple vectors and compromise your systems at the worst times.

Our Security Baseline Assessment solution reviews the state of your infrastructure to determine where your organization stands in terms of security policies, best practices, and potential weak points. 

Our unique assessment approach details your organization’s security posture and provides three different tiers of compliance grading, complete with a remediation plan.

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Security Assessment

Our professional experts conduct discovery and analysis of your IT infrastructure and security policies.

We conduct the creation of the current state assessment of your IT security posture as it relates to security threats, best practices, standards and manufacturer recommendations which will provide your clients a solid plan for security remediation and hardening.

During this phase, we locate potential vulnerabilities in your IT systems and highlight their grade of severity.

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Remediation Planning

Our team possesses extensive security knowledge and will provide a plan outlining prioritized actions to address vulnerabilities based on business risk.

This will be instrumental for your client’s business to have a well-defined security roadmap avoiding any common pitfalls and ensure a secure environment.

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Compliance & Best Practices

Our years of experience have enabled us to develop a highly effective methodology to strengthen an organization’s security posture.

With our team’s extensive knowledge and experience, we provide a configuration recommendation considering manufacturer and industry best practices.

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Continuity & Availability Assessment

Most organizations are realizing that the policies that were in place earlier are no longer enough to manage new risks that emerge in the past few years. Our team of security professionals will conduct a gap analysis of infrastructure availability and business continuity plans.

Why Perform A Security Baseline Assessment?

Most organizations are unsure of what their cybersecurity posture is and how well protected they are against threats and security incidents. They have an unclear vision of how well-positioned they are, how they can align their cybersecurity spending with their business objectives to build a clear and well-defined cybersecurity roadmap.

This can lead to several issues, including wasted security expenses, misalignment between security initiatives and company objectives, and a lack of security direction in general.

A Security Baseline Assessment can be a much-needed exercise that will provide data-driven insights to guide your overall cybersecurity strategy.

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Additional Benefits of Secure IT ®

Security Baseline Assessment


Security Vulnerabilities

Proactively identify security vulnerabilities that pose a risk to the IT infrastructure.


Prioritize actions to address vulnerabilities based on business risk.


Remediation Plan

Plan improvements to the overall security state of the organization’s infrastructure.

Defense Assessment

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s defenses.

Updates Optimization

Reduce the time and resources needed to stay up to date with new and emerging vulnerabilities.


Vulnerabilities Search

Locate potential vulnerabilities in your  IT systems and highlight their grade of severity.

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