Protect Your Organization from Threats and Hackers with a Security Baseline Assessment

When you look at your car’s side mirrors, the sticker on the mirror will say “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” This warning message is used to help drivers operate cars safely. We trust these warnings to tell us that, although we have a clear view of the total threat, what we don’t see is how near it is just by checking our mirrors. In the world of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and channel partners, threat proximity assessments are often a critical resource against threat actors who are trying to infiltrate an organization’s network.

Akin to the car mirror metaphor, an unprepared organization that neglects the proactive steps needed to mitigate security vulnerability will not see just now close these threats really are – simply, they won’t know what hit them.

Most organizations are reacting. Case in point, the 2022 Ponemon Institute’s Global Threat Report found that the #1 motivating factor for implementing an insider management threat plan is having a past security incident. What organizations can learn from this is clear: Threats are constant. Having a proactive plan will always be necessary.

Ponemon also reports that 38% of study respondents state that industry regulations and standards are a primary factor for changing security measures. Security threats come in many forms – internal leaks, external breaches, information mismanagement, etc. Having a security assessment offers rapid discovery and analysis of IT infrastructure that organizations have long sought from their MSPs and channel partners.

These types of assessments provide several key upgrades to understanding your threat landscape.  A strong assessment provides a deep dive into an organization’s security policies to see if they are up to date. It also ensures that there is a remediation plan in place that’s tailored to an organizations business risk.

In addition to this, a security assessment aids with compliance issues and offers a comprehensive gap analysis of infrastructure to support any business continuity plans.

With this in mind, Jolera has developed a market-based approach to empowering MSPs and channel partners to reduce the daily security risks from these threat actors for their customers.

Jolera is a renowned, Toronto-based provider of fixed-cost ‘as-a-service’ solutions, and we are introducing Secure IT – Security Baseline Assessment (Secure IT – SBA). This new solution addresses all issues MSPs and channel partners have today regarding the vulnerability assessment of their customers’ IT infrastructure.

The Secure IT – SBA offering conducts an extensive analysis of the organization’s entire infrastructure, which includes security policies, best practices, and areas for improvement. Jolera has developed an innovative assessment approach that captures data-driven insights into all aspects of the security posture and reveals a three-tiered compliance grade.

This assessment also comes with a complete remediation plan built to protect an IT infrastructure while significantly increasing the resiliency of its systems against malicious attackers.

To highlight some of the innovative features developed by the Jolera team includes Security Whiteboarding, Perimeter Security and Device Configuration, and Private/Public Cloud Security and Configuration.

Consistent threats means that neglecting IT infrastructure security is quite costly in the long run. The Ponemon 2022 Global Threat report found that insider threat incidents rose by 44% since 2020. The cost per threat incident has also skyrocketed by more than a third during that time.

By not instituting a security assessment, MSPs and channel partners leave their customers open to mis-used security expenses, misalignment between security initiatives and a lack of overall security direction

The Jolera Secure IT – SBA can also help MSPs and channel partners with security improvement plans by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their customer’s defense systems, while also reducing time and costs to stay up to date with new and emerging vulnerabilities.

Its time MSPs and channel partners offer a clear vision to their customers’ security posture so they can provide investment protection on their security spend, while also meeting organizational objectives. A security assessment such as Secure IT – SBA can provide clear and objective cybersecurity roadmap organizations are asking for today.


By Paolo Del Nibletto