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Store IT™ – Mail Archiving 

Store IT – Mail Archiving securely preserves electronic communications, making them searchable and accessible in the cloud. It is an adaptable solution that supports a wide variety of email platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps / Gmail and others. This turnkey solution is designed to provide security and comfort for your email archive. 

Mail Archiving Solution | Jolera

100% Data Preservation

Archive every sent and received message using immutable WORM storage that protects emails from manipulation or changes. Utilize powerful unlimited data search tools and reporting purpose built capabilities to address e-discovery and archiving best practices. In the event of deletion, critical IP & data remains searchable and downloadable to corporate administrators.
Mail Archiving Solution | Jolera

24/7/365 Management and Support

Our team of experts are ready to provide you with full support for our mail archiving service. We are available around the clock to monitor, manage and support your email archiving needs – including supporting access and reporting from the email archive.
Mail Archiving Solution | Jolera

Simple Integration and Rapid Deployment

Easily integrate this solution without the need for additional infrastructure components. Leverage subject matter experts to rapidly deploy your email service using industry best practices with our hands- free installation with no system downtime.
Mail Archiving Solution | Jolera

Fixed Monthly Cost

Reduce risk and internal costs associated with email archiving by leveraging this effective email archiving solution. Preserve all inbound and outbound email communications based on a flat per user per month cost basis.

Additional Benefits of Store IT – Mail Archiving

Receive these added features with our secure mail archiving service.


Secure and Compliant

Data centres are FISMA, ISO 27001, SSAE-16, FedRamp and PCI-DSS compliant.

World Class Technology

Providing 99.99% uptime and more than 99.99999% data durability and availability.

Organize Your Data

Filter, tag and export relevant content to meet legal, compliance and corporate governance demands

Straightforward Analytics

Gain a customized view into communications data.

Attachment Support

Clients can archive up to 600 types of file attachments.

No Interruptions

Maintain intellectual property continuity when employees leave.

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